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At Coldwells Build, we understand the importance of trust. We’re a family-run business with recognised industry credentials and residential-building experience you can rely on. 

Quality standards and open communication are both crucial elements of any successful project – these are the values we pride ourselves on. We’re realistic. We’re meticulous. We thrive on doing things differently.

Timber and drainage pipes stacked together on rusty scaffolding. An old farm shed made from granite and slate is in the background.
Scaffolding in the foreground. Through the scaffold, three builders are working and chatting in the background. They stand next to a group of windows, which are ready to be installed in a new build house.
Detail shot showing the edge of PIR insulation stacked in a pile. The location, ‘Alford’ is written in permanent marker on the side on the insulation.
Two construction workers look through a laser level to set the finished floor height of a house they will build.

Based in Aberdeenshire, we founded Coldwells Build in 2016. Known throughout Scotland as one of the country’s only certified Passivhaus builders, we’re a compact, highly motivated team who are committed to offering a more people-centred approach to the build process. 

The Founders

A man in a blue shirt stands in front of a large, rusty, corrugated iron door. He smiles.
Ross Booth Founder & Director

With qualifications in carpentry and joinery, Ross began his career as a 16-year-old apprentice building new homes in Aberdeenshire. He broadened his craft on construction sites in Australia, Canada and London, where he managed major residential and commercial projects. 

Ross is dedicated to changing Scotland's homes for the better, making brilliant, high-quality housing available to all.

A woman in a white shirt stands in front of a granite stone wall. She smiles.
Clare Booth Founder & Director

A trained communicator, Clare co-founded Coldwells Build with the aim of improving consumer experience within the construction process. Working previously as a television director and journalist, she understands more than most, about the power of detail, organisation and timing. 

She believes in keeping an open dialogue with clients throughout their build, so they feel empowered to make informed decisions and get the home they’ve always wanted.

A builder stands at the site of a new build home. He reads large, white plans which are resting on a pile of concrete blocks.
A shovel stuck into a pile of earth. Pink builder’s line is stretched out the background.
Two builders stand on scaffold and install black roofing felt on a new build home.
A builder wearing muddy boots carries two spades across his shoulder and grasps another in his hand.

The Team

We’re fortunate enough to bring together a small team of like-minded individuals who are all committed to creating world-class homes. Through our dedication to training and promoting from within the company, we can ensure our values, skillset and standards are passed from one generation of craftspeople to the next.

A close up shot of a builder’s muddy boot next to freshly laid blocks. A yellow level rests vertically on the toe of the boot.

Our Values

We believe the highest calibre homes are the result of intelligent design, innovative construction and outstanding customer service - so much so, that we were named winners at the Federation of Master Builder Awards in 2021 and 2023. Our expertise, specially trained workforce and timeless architectural aesthetic helps bring design-led spaces to life.