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Coldwells Build unveils a new certified Passivhaus range

The Coldwells Build Passivhaus range launches in 2024. Our ready-to-go, design-driven homes combine premium, sustainable materials with the speed and precision of prefabricated construction.

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At Coldwells Build, we’ve spent the past two years designing a range of energy-efficient homes that reflect everything we stand for. With a focus on timeless design, well-planned layouts and natural materials, it signals a smart new chapter for our award-winning business.

In 2024, we’ll launch the Coldwells Build Passivhaus range. Modern, prefabricated homes built to world-class standards – the first of their kind in Scotland.

What is Passivhaus?

Passivhaus is the world’s leading building standard for energy-efficient homes. It was developed in the 1980s by the German physicist, Wolfgang Feist, who set out to investigate why low-energy buildings weren’t delivering on their expected potential. He applied his findings to create Passivhaus – a physics-based method for building extraordinary, high-performance homes. Today there are 65 thousand Passivhaus buildings worldwide and it’s fast-becoming a popular choice for U.K. self-builders wanting homes with minimal energy and carbon demand.

How does it work?

Passivhaus homes are so insulated, airtight and well ventilated, they maintain a comfortable temperature year-round, with no draughts or cold spots and minimal heating needs. It keeps you warm in the winter months and cool in the summer, with significantly reduced energy bills. In fact, Passivhaus homes use 75% less energy than the ‘average’ homes built today.

The Coldwells Build Passivhaus – Passivhaus, simplified.

Building a Passivhaus is complex. From hiring certified architects and contractors to design choices, material selections and layout decisions. For busy people who want the world’s best energy-efficient home, it’s a big commitment. That’s why we’ve distilled 3000+ decisions into one convenient package – the Coldwells Build Passivhaus.

A living room setting. With a couch and small white side table in the foreground and a wooden dining table in the background. The walls are painted white.

Predesigned & economical

Select your new home from our ready-to-go Passivhaus designs and we’ll build it on your land. With plans, engineering and Passivhaus modelling already taken care of by us, it shaves 12 months off the typical design & build process.

Passivhaus certified

This isn’t just an ‘eco-home’. Coldwells Build Passivhaus designs surpass the U.K. building regulations and are certified Passivhaus (the global gold standard of energy-efficient construction). Super insulated and airtight, you’ll live comfortably year-round. An official Passivhaus plaque fixed to your home proves its world-class qualifications.

Honest pricing

Budgeting for a build is critical. That’s why the Coldwells Build Passivhaus is designed & built to a fixed price. We provide details of all costs upfront, empowering you to plan for your project with total confidence.

Streamlined delivery

Pick between two delivery options. Our Coldwells Build service is a turnkey solution for a ready-to-move-into home. We keep things simple for you with pre-vetted interior options and colour schemes that uphold our quality standards. This service is currently only available in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. 

The alternative route is using You Build. This is an easy and economical option for U.K. self-builders, or those with a knack for construction. Choose your Coldwells Build Passivhaus design – we’ll plan, manufacture, deliver and erect it on your site to a wind, watertight and airtight stage. You complete the internal fit out to your own taste and style.

Fast build speeds

As one of the only house builders in Scotland with a fully-trained workforce in Passivhaus construction, our team is qualified and committed to building to this world-leading standard. The Coldwells Build Passivhaus is prefabricated in our Aberdeenshire workshop, hand built by our Passivhaus craftsmen, before being delivered to your site and assembled within days.

Stacks of grey concrete blocks sit next to the muddy foundations of new home. Builders line has been run around the permitter of the foundations. A yellow digger arm is visible. A digger bucket and laser level are in the background. A forest covered hill is in the distance.
New Nordan windows are stacked on a crate, ready to be installed in a new build home. A drill and toolbelt lay on the bare earth beside the windows. In the distance, are barley fields, forest and hills.


Quality you can see, feel, and rely on. Every material and component is high performance or Passivhaus certified. Unlike modern new-builds, the Coldwells Build Passivhaus won’t require expensive upgrades when Scotland goes net zero in 2045 & the rest of the U.K. in 2050. Built to last, our homes are fit for the future.

Architect designed

Developed in partnership with Scotland’s leading Passivhaus designers, John Gilbert Architects, the Coldwells Build Passivhaus comes in six contemporary, light-filled designs ranging in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms. 

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