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6 Reasons to Plan Your Renovation in Winter

If a home renovation is on your agenda in 2024, there's no better time to start planning than now. Here are six reasons why winter is the perfect season to lay the groundwork for your refurbishment project.

Large wooden dining table with five wishbone chairs, grey hanging lamps and tall vertical window

Spring or Summer Ready

Planning your renovation to be ready in spring or summer positions you to start work when the weather is good. You’ll maximise the benefits of extended daylight hours and mild temperatures. Paint, plaster and concrete all dry faster, contributing to a smoother and more efficient renovation process.


Planning Permission

Certain renovations will require planning permission and a building warrant from your local council. Obtaining planning permission can take up to 12 weeks from submitting an application. A building warrant can take a further 12 weeks. Initiating the planning phase in winter allows you sufficient time to navigate the process.


Budget Clarity

Understanding the financial aspects of your renovation is paramount. Early planning enables you to assess your budget, obtain accurate quotes and make informed decisions about the scope of your project. It’s sensible to build a contingency fund of about 10-15% into your budget. This can be used to cover unforeseen costs. At our Farragon renovation, our team noticed the hallway floor moving under foot. Lifting it, we found the joists precariously propped up on large stones, requiring the entire floor to be replaced.


Booking in contractors

In-demand contractors fill their schedules quickly, especially during the summer. To secure a spot and bypass the summer rush, it's advisable to book your contractor several months in advance. Winter is a great time for this, providing ample time for consultations, collaboration, and thoughtful decision-making.


Material Selection

Selecting materials is a crucial aspect of any renovation. By starting to plan now, you can dedicate time to explore material options, compare prices, and place orders well in advance. This helps you avoid delays associated with material shortages or long lead times in the warmer months.


Increase the value of your home

If you’re looking to sell, spring and summer are considered the best time to do so in the UK. A well-timed renovation can help give you the best possible price come the warmer months.

Ercolani Reprise Wooden chair, white walls and grey floor with large wooden door
Bedroom with four poster bed, bedside table and white bedding. Doorway with view of staircase.

Coldwells Build manages a limited number of renovation projects each year, so our clients are guaranteed the highest level of quality. If you have a deadline in mind, start the discussion far in advance. Take advantage of our willingness to share industry-related knowledge and schedule a strategy conversation today.

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